Weatherization is the application of energy efficiency measures to a home. These include ceiling, wall and floor insulation; closing heat-escaping gaps by caulking, weather stripping, or broken window replacement; and heating system improvements.

In Washington State, LIHEAP assists households whose incomes are at or below 125% of the federal poverty level (FPL).
These households pay a much higher proportion of their income for their home heating needs. As a result, they are the most at risk of losing access to heat during the cold winter months. The program is designed to help these families keep their heat on, especially those households that are most vulnerable, such as the elderly, the disabled, and households with young children.

How to Apply for the Washington Weatherization Assistance Program:

The Weatherization Assistance Program is administered by partner agencies. To apply, you must contact your local partner agency. Click here to locate your local partner agency.


In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a resident of the state of Washington and have an annual household income (before taxes) that is below the following amounts:
Household Size* Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 $22,340
2 $30,260
3 $38,180
4 $46,100
5 $54,020
6 $61,940
7 $69,860
8 $77,780
*For households with more than eight people, add $7,920 per additional person.

If you receive Supplemental Security Income or Aid to Families with Dependent Children, you are automatically eligible to receive weatherization services.

More Information:

For more information visit the FAQ page or call Julie Palakovich at 360-725-2948.